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How software engineering jobs were created

Software engineering jobs were created specifically for people who enjoy tactile experience of typing. Say, you love typing. You apply, you get the job. They give you opportunity to type on daily basis, at least half of the day. You type together with others so it's more group-fun to type together, and then everyone gets paid good money for taking part! Paradise. They also give frequent breaks to give your fingers rest. Sometimes they give you problems that require more thinking, so you can relax your fingers. Sometimes you get 1-2 hour long breaks - they call them "meetings". Their only purpose is to prevent RMD, of course. Otherwise you'd type all day and run into trouble. They give you snacks to keep your fingers fed, drinks to keep them hydrated, etc, etc! You go home with pleasant buzzing sensation in fingers, and wake up with a desire to do more of it!
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