morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Finally Bing Search becomes better than Google

Frankly, I tried Bing out of desperation, because Google results were so crappy. I was impressed that Bing could beat it.

Case 1: various queries that have "http4s" (studying examples, APIs etc). Google gives a few results with http4s, and sometimes none, and then a bunch of crap, as it replaces http4s with http. Bing gives crap but offers "did you mean http4s ...?" as a suggestion. When you click it, it replaces http4s with "+http4s" in query string, and results are very good.

Today I couldn't find anything useful again, tried Bing again, and Bing won:

Case 2: Exact query: pants over or under ski boots
*) Bing gives Best result as #1:
*) Google gives garbage on the entire first page.

It feels like Bing and Google are switching strategies. Google used to be great at exact word and phrase match. I remember around 2003-2007 it could give plenty results with exact phrase from the depths of the forums, while Bing had a much smaller index and focused on "common queries" and people who are stupid and mistype common words, instead of trying to interpret exact query as it was typed. I couldn't find useful stuff from forums with Bing. Bing was useful as a bookmarks replacement, to find easy common things, but Google was way more useful in research.

Now (as I personally perceive it) the trend is the opposite. Bing is becoming increasingly better for Search on forums, indexes more stuff and does less "magic" about query terms (puts more weigh on seeing exact words in the same order close together), while Google prefers "high quality sites" which are less relevant to the query, and makes it harder and harder to find what I am looking for in case of "difficult" (uncommon) searches.
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