morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Attraction - reading signs 101

Found a few nice vids. The one for men to read woman's signs, to see if she's attracted to you:

There's also a vid for women, to read man's signs if he's attracted to you:

I'll comment on the last one. It's not bad, looks plausible. But there's one secret trick missing. There's a really simple one. At least, it should work with software engineers. Here's the trick... ask! Just put it in a sentence with a question mark in the end, and you'll get an answer straight in your face. For a polite man this question wouldn't change his attitude to you, regardless of the answer, and he'll find a way to politely say yes or no ("no" may be sugar-coated with a compliment, like "you're very attractive in general, but no, I am not sexually attracted at this point in time")
Tags: 1, in english, man-woman

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