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Dropbox support experience - rules!

(7 minutes!!!)

Chat transcript:
( 03:35:23 ) Visitor: My dropbox stopped syncing
( 03:35:29 ) Visitor: It says "Can't establish secure internet connection"
( 03:37:02 ) Hunter: Hello <name>, and thank you for contacting Dropbox support. My name is Hunter, and I am more than happy to assist you with your syncing issue, right away.
( 03:37:14 ) Hunter: Can you tell me if you are using ESET?
( 03:37:24 ) Visitor: Yes, I am using ESET Nod32
( 03:37:27 ) Visitor: how did you know?
( 03:37:32 ) Hunter: Eset released a new update, that broke certain Dropbox features, that we have a fix for :)
( 03:37:45 ) Hunter: There are a few of our users with the same issue.
( 03:37:50 ) Visitor: Got it! That sounds very optimistic :)
( 03:38:00 ) Hunter: Can you tell me what web browser you are using?
( 03:38:05 ) Visitor: Chrome
( 03:38:13 ) Hunter: On Windows or Mac?
( 03:38:16 ) Visitor: Windows
( 03:39:04 ) Hunter: Perfect.
( 03:39:10 ) Hunter: Can you please press Ctrl+Shift+N to open a new incognito window, and then copy and paste the below link in the incognito window:
( 03:39:17 ) Hunter:
( 03:39:23 ) Hunter: When the above link opens up, please select to download the "offline installer"
It will download a Beta version of the Dropbox application, that was released by our developers to sort the issue out.
( 03:40:19 ) Visitor: Installing, one second...
( 03:41:05 ) Hunter: Perfect. Functionality will resume once installation completes.
( 03:41:26 ) Visitor: I can confirm everything is working. Fantastic!
( 03:41:53 ) Hunter: Perfect news!
( 03:42:07 ) Visitor: I never had such a quick support experience for a seemingly complex issue. Thank you!
( 03:42:14 ) Hunter: We aim to please :)
( 03:42:23 ) Hunter: Is there anything else I could perhaps assist you with?
( 03:42:34 ) Visitor: No, thanks, that was it!
( 03:42:38 ) Hunter: Ok, thank you. I will send you an email, with the ticket number of our communication and the chat transcript, which you can respond to, should you need further assistance.
( 03:42:39 ) Hunter: Thanks for chatting with us today. We would love to hear how easy it was for you to receive the help you needed, via the following one-click rating, after I close the chat. Have a lovely day!
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