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Enlarge my outside culture’s knowledge - ROFL

Another funny e-mail by me, sent in 1997:


Dear “International Penpals”


If I’m not mistaken, you are a non-commercial organization which provides communications on Internet (or maybe postal mail)

If it is so, I want to join your database.

If it is not, don’t read below



My name is Dmitry. I’m a 11th grade-student of Riga school. I was born in Ukraine, but now I live in Riga, Latvia.  I’m 15.


I want:

1.   Enlarge my outside culture’s knowledge

2.   Find new friends.


I think, this information will be enough.

Please reply to me !


My coordinates:


Write to: Dmitry Kuzmenko p/rest Riga LV 1050, Latvia. (I apologize for not having opportunity of giving my tel. # or postal address)


Homepage: (it’s awful and still under construction)

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