August 13th, 2009


Restoring a comment

I've just felt a wonderful moment. Similar to what a handyman feels when he can apply his skill to an everyday situation, like to fix something around the house...

The story:

I was typing a pretty damn long comment, and then I accidentally pressed some random key on my laptop keyboard, and for the browser it was like... "BACK". When I clicked "FORWARD", I, of course, saw no text anymore.

Omg! I didn't really want to compose it again. I wouldn't remember exact text, but while writing new one I would definitely omit something important, because I would subconsciously "know" that it was already written. Ms Subconsciousness didn't know about the damn browser thing.

When something bad happens, I sometimes cast doubts on whether it is happening to me. After all, is it real? Did I really lose all that text?

So I asked these questions to myself, and then subconsciousness suddenly fed me with a professional answer: of course, not. The text box should be an object in memory, and memory is rarely reallocated so quickly. Even if it is, it may not have been overwritten yet. So, here I go: I attached debugger to iexplore.exe and trolled the text out! Whopping 1345 characters! (Thanks to debugging skills learned in Windows Search team, btw ;))

On a side note: I regret I didn't have a camera with me. While typing that comment, I felt like someone was watching me. I turned my head and startled: a big silvery racoon was standing right behind the glass door on my back yard deck and looking at me, just three feets from where I was sitting.