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I have a feeling, that the society you live in affects the way you view yourself even gender-wise. You are Americanized in a way that you feel like "a person(ality)" before you feel like a woman. Girls in Russia however are more conditioned to feeling like a woman rather than a person, because gender roles and stereotypes are still strong here. Girls are raised to be maids, wives, mothers, lovers, arm candies... We don't raise them to be strong individuals, professionals, competitive in spirit and independent in their will. They take after their mothers generation after generation.

Women in the US are different, I've noticed that on multiple occasions. Most of them feel no different from a man, they are confident, they are street-smart... And that's the way to be, I think.

((c) sa_yu_ri)

(This was something I thought about many times but couldn't express so clearly.)

* * *


Tagad apskatīsimies, ko nozīmē vārds 'lover' pēc būtības. Tas var būt cilvēks, ar kuru tu ' make love'. Krieviski 'любовник' nozīmē apmēram to pašu- tāds, kas saistīts ar 'любовь'. Un tagad saldais ēdiens: latviešu valodā šo cilvēku sauc ' mīļākais'. Tas izsaka, ka tev ir partneris (vīrs), bet tas otrais ir mīļāks

((c) knowingwell, original post)

(Again, IMHO, it's very true.)
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