morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Different complexity for different types of tasks

Job tasks in order of increased complexity (for me). When I feel better, I do items from the bottom of the list. When I feel worse, I do items from the upper part.

1. Cleaning up in the office.
2. Cleaning up on disk.
3. Setting up environment/installing new machine.
4. Fixing bugs and writing tests in a known area.
5. Fixing bugs in unknown area.
6. Implementing a feature in a known area.
7. Designing a feature in a known area.
8. Working on a feature in an unknown area.
9. Customer support, operations.
10. Doing a data investigation, data analysis, data mining.
11. Forward-looking priorities, research, writing prototypes of useful features or tools, proactively working on commitments.
Tags: in english, work

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