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mp3 resampling - business idea

Tried to find a *free* tool which would resample audiofiles at faster rate - very useful for listening audiobooks and podcasts. In fact, shortening file (increasing tempo) 1.5 times still produces a good quality understandable audio.

The surprise was that, although I've found some $20 tools with free trial (e.g. mp3-speed-accelerator), I couldn't find truly a free tool.

The magical search string "mp3 speed -shareware -buy -order -trial -usd -now" didn't help me find anything useful. Also tried various variations of mp3 resize, mp3 shorten, podcast compress, audio shorten, audio speed, looked at SourceForge and in other places.

Looks like a good oportunity for creating a popular (truly free or really cheap!) tool with minimal effort.

I can use lame to transform mp3 to wav, then apply my tool, then use lame to make mp3 again. Manupilation of wav files seems to be very simple:
1. Spec:
2. Example:
After all, there are sources of lame (out there in the wild...).

(The problem became actual after I joined SHMIAk school. I can hardly afford listening to 60-minute long lessons, so I need to find a way to save time without loss of information).

Upd.: A good free tool found:, business project cancelled! ;)

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