morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Learning Mac

(No chance I will type in cyrillic from this machine anytime soon).

Setting up my Mac. Tried to install update for Microsoft Office. It asked me to close Safari before going further. Safari was closed. I figured the process was "active" when no windows open. Tried clicking on Safari with all possible shift key combinations to get something like "Properties" or "Close Application" menu. No chance. Then I tried to kill it from shell. Searched on forums for "how to open shell on Mac". The answer was to use Terminal from Application/Utilities. I couldn't find Utilities. Finally found it via "Finder" application. Opened Terminal. Got bash. Now I felt much better. ps -ax | grep Safari ... kill 3140. Office Update was satisfied... You can make bets on how long I'll hang on with Mac...

Upd.: I gave up learning Mac at this time. Changed laptop to Lenovo X201.
Tags: in english, mac
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