morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Outlook fails to connect to GMail - Solution

Outlook fails to connect to Gmail via POP3, because Gmail server rejects SPA (Secure Password Authentication). However SPA check box is "off" in the Account Settings.

Solution for Vista:
1. Close Outlook.
2. Go to "Programs and Features"
3. "View Installed Updates"
4. Find "Security Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (KB2412171)" that you might have installed on 2010-12-14 or 2010-12-15.
5. Double-click on it, it will uninstall the update.
6. Restart Outlook.
7. Enjoy.

Keywords: Windows, 2412171, KB2412171, gmail, POP3, mail, e-mail, email, account, fails, error, troubleshoot, solution, help me.

P.S. I hope Microsoft already knows about the problem, or is it "by design" and you need to change some new setting to make it work?
Tags: in english, software
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