morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Build tools

Wow, I really like these build tools!
They remind me of the good old days...

[dimak@dimak ~]$ tool branch --create -p pkg -fb parentBranch -name myBranch -d "descr"

Attempting to create the branch...
<-- a 500-1000ms delay here, cursor is at the beginning of the line
Your branch creation task was inserted into XYZ with id 12345.

* Mana:Hot>cast quick 'fireball' 1.*troll*

You start to concentrate...
<-- same kind of delay in here
Your fireball completely envelops *a fearsome Troll* in flames.

o CW HP:Fine Mana:Burning>pick rock

Using your lockpicks, you try to pick the lock...
<-- same kind of delay in here
The lock finally yields to your skill.

Tags: beauty, fun, games, in english, software development

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