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It just occured to me that most of the taxes collected are per $ earned or per $ in sales transaction, while most of the taxes spent are per time. For example, military expenses, education, support for poor people, medical expenses, government and administration, police etc. There are very few budget expenses that would grow in a different way, other than in proportion to time and number of people. For example, infrastructure costs (roads).

Now... it feels totally wrong. Why not to collect taxes in a similar model to how tax money are spent? Pay a fixed tax for each day you lived, and pay no taxes for extra income or for number of sales transaciton you make. In addition, pay "usage" taxes for infrastructure, e.g. toll roads. This would encourage people to value their time, and use it for creative purposes. Do more business, more sales, more exchange etc. Currently the tax "force" acts in the opposite direction: do less sales, less transactions, less exchange, because for every sale you have to pay tax. I think this is stupid, or maybe I am missing something obvious?
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