morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Windows Live Mesh

One more unusable product after "improvements". Windows Live Mesh, which is supposed to provide services, formerly provided by Windows Live Sync (formerly known as FolderShare), employed list of excluded extensions, which practically limits its usage to sharing photos or a few selected documents, vs maintaining synchronized portable archive of various files. Very disappointed. Thanks, Microsoft.

Anyone knows a good replacement service?

Required features:
- encrypted sync between multiple machines,
- no cloud storage required,
- small lag (should pick up updates within a minute or two).

Preferred optional features:
- should provide a relay server for sync traffic.

Differential sync is not required nor strongly preferred, although it's welcome, too :)

Update: there are plenty of online storage/backup/transfer solutions (e.g. DropBox, SpiderOak). Please don't recommend them to me: I don't like them, because I don't need storage. I only need sync. Hence, paying for storage is absurd. Also, mandatory storage would add unnecessary privacy concerns: I am okay to trusting encrypted traffic through their relay servers, but permanent storage is a whole different degree of privacy vulnerability.
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