morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Python doc

My first bug found in Python doc:

1. "Note that numeric literals do not include a sign; a phrase like -1 is actually an expression composed of the unary operator ‘-‘ and the literal 1." (Python v2.7.1 language reference, Literals, 2.4.3. Numeric literals)

2. "Plain integer literals that are above the largest representable plain integer (e.g., 2147483647 when using 32-bit arithmetic) are accepted as if they were long integers instead." (Python v2.7.1 language reference, Literals, 2.4.4. Integer and long integer literals)

Based on these two things, I'd expect "-2147483648" be interpreted as long, because 2147483648 is long and unary - of long will result in long. The latter is supported by:

>>> -(2147483647+1)

However, "-2147483648" is not long, it's int:

>>> -2147483648

Which is good, but which means the doc is incorrect. This is a minor thing, but I am disappointed, because if my reasoning is correct, it means the doc is not trustworthy.
Tags: in english, software development

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