morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

What my English looked like 12 years ago

Having fun reading my archive e-mails. This one is dated July 1st, 1997.


I adore writing long letters.
But my first is short.
Because what if you don't answer?
I'm Dima, 15 y.o., writing from Riga, Latvia.
It is important because I know English badly and
in addition to other problems - I lost my Rus-Engl dictionary.
It's a pitty. But, nothing.

I play guitar, like books, music, (also classical),
everything connected with fiction, unreality, 4th,5th,etc dimension and
other magic. What else? Mathematcs, physics and programming it's
interesting, but not very much. My bicycle! I love to ride my bicycle.
But now it needs repair. And I have no time for it.
I forgot one word - this word describes one of my main bad sides -
it means when you need something to do and you have to do it
but you don't want to. And you do nothing until you it led to bad results.

Ok. Tell me about Singapore. Where is it? Is it in China or Japan? I can't
recollect clearly.
Please be my penfriend.
I'm looking forward for a huge reply - min. 3 pages.
(It's a joke. Surely, I'll be glad to read even a few words)


P.S. I didn't get an answer for this one :)
Tags: in english

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