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Per-Olov Kindgren's guitar recording setup

AndanteLargo's "Adelita" by Tarrega:

I think it's interesting how he's making recordings.
Here it is, originally posted at:

 My recording setup at YouTube

Every day I get questions about my recording setup at YouTube. I have answered this so many times, I think I need a new keyboard.

I have 2 good microphones (AKG C480B*) that I place besides the Camera about 2 meters (6 feet) away from the guitar. I attach them to the camcorder (Canon HF 10) via a mixer. In the video editing software, I add some reverb. That is it really... I have a very good guitar of course! And have worked very hard all my life to have a good sound from my fingernails. In mylatest videos from around October 2010, I don't add reverb anymore since I play in rooms with good accoustics.

I hope this information will help you to get started!

Good luck!

*) 2 x $1000 per mic.
Tags: guitar, in english

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