morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Tricky Python

Find a bad bug in this code (exercise; comments screened).

# collects tags from root node and all nodes reachable via item[attribute]=value edges,
# including all "None" edges
def evaluate_tree(self, item):
    result = self.tags
    if not self.leaf_node():
        if item.has_key(self.attribute):
            # item[] values can't be None
            for value in item[self.attribute]:
                if self.value_map.has_key(value):
                    result = result | self.value_map[value].evaluate_tree(item)
        if self.value_map.has_key(None):
            result = result | self.value_map[None].evaluate_tree(item)
    return result
(Syntax highligher used:
Upd.: I've updated, adding a couple of comments. The bug can be found without making tricky assumptions. Everything what's necessary is already in the code.

Upd2.: Comments are unscreened, the bug is explained here:
Tags: fun, in english, polls questions and social games, software development, work

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