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Sad story

You have probably seen a "funny" freak-out video how "my mom has cancelled my brother's World of Warcraft account". Here it is, it has 50 million views. While it may seem funny at first, try looking at other videos posted and notice that this is a very disfunctional family, with a (likely) autistic child who requires serious mental health help, behavioural help and/or special ed., or at least a supporting family that understands his condition. Instead he's getting the family that seriously makes fun of him (and probably making his condition only worse) and posts it over internet to millions. Looks like parents are approving the bother's videotaping and even prepare some "funny" staging on purpose.

Yes, I understand that by posting links I am increasing view count and, thus, indirectly supporting them in what they're doing, but I think the adventure into these videos is worth this unwanted side effect. For me it was sort of nice learning experience/eye opener. When something very funny at first turns into very not-funny.

The really sad part is not the videos themselves. It's the comments that people make. Totally cruel and ignorant. Read them...
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