morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Helicopter flights

When I was buying a badge holder, one of the reviews I read was:

"Title: Let the helicopter fights begin!

Mandatory for employment, we wear our identities visibly at all times. A badge with photo and name strapped to us like tagged cattle. It's required to get through parking gates and doors.

I wanted to replace my company issued reel with this longer 30" reel. I must have ripped through a dozen dinky short ones.

Now, not only can I reach the receiver from inside my car while attached to my belt loop, but the extra reach allows me to I win every helicopter fight."

I was intrigued by the new game and asked: "What is a helicopter fight you're referring to? (Can't imagine how badge holder could help in ...helicopter fights!)"

Just got a reply from a seasoned corporate citizen:

"You haven't heard? Perhaps the greatest office game, surely the bloodiest. Two combatants meet upon a chosen battleground and slowly approach each other with their reels at full extension swinging their badges around like blades of a helicopter. Fun for all ages. Be sure to wear protective wear."

Wow, seems like a nice game! :)
Haven't tried it out yet.
Tags: fun, in english, polls questions and social games

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