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Free Online Courses Stanford

I am getting a little lost with the variety of options that Stanford offers online. It's confusing, but I can imagine the Stanford system must be a mess since it's huge. Nevertheless, I think it's worth checking out, and I'll try to list the names of the courses from the sources I've found.

This site has recorded lectures and course materials for:
* Introduction to Computer Science | Programming Methodology | CS106A
* Introduction to Computer Science | Programming Abstractions | CS106B
* Introduction to Computer Science | Programming Paradigms | CS107
* Artificial Intelligence | Introduction to Robotics | CS223A
* Artificial Intelligence | Natural Language Processing | CS224N
* Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | CS229
* Linear Systems and Optimization | The Fourier Transform and its Applications | EE261
* Linear Systems and Optimization | Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems | EE263
* Linear Systems and Optimization | Convex Optimization I | EE364A
* Linear Systems and Optimization | Convex Optimization II | EE364B
* Additional School of Engineering Courses | Programming Massively Parallel Processors | CS193G
* Additional School of Engineering Courses | iPhone Application Programming | CS193P
* Additional School of Engineering Courses | Seminars and Webinars

Next, there are "free computer science courses" in the Stanford University news article:
(this is old, but it has also links to classes which aren't scheduled yet)

* Machine Learning:
* Artifitial Intelligence:
* Introduction to Databases:

"Machine Learning" and "Introduction to Databases" have links to a bunch of other "New Courses Starting 2012":

* Entrepreneurship: Lean Launchpad
* Entrepreneurship: Technology Entrepreneurship
* Medicine: Anatomy
* Civil Engineering: Making Green Buildings
* Electrical Engr.: Information Theory
* Complex Systems: Model Thinking
* Computer Science: CS 101
* Computer Science: Machine Learning
* Computer Science: Software as a Service
* Computer Science: Human-Computer Interaction
* Computer Science: Natural Language Processing
* Computer Science: Game Theory
* Computer Science: Probabilistic Graphical Models
* Computer Science: Cryptography
* Computer Science: Design and Analysis of Algorithms I
* Computer Science: Computer Security

Looks like most of them will start very shortly (Jan-Mar 2012) and they will not only have free online materials, but also some free instruction and online classes with real Stanford instructors.

Not sure why "Machine Learning" has two similar but different sites ( and

Some more links:
* - Standford lecture streaming system.
* - online course material system.

The latter link lists a bunch of other upcoming classes but I am not sure if they're free (I removed 2011 courses):
* Bio42: Cell Biology and Animal Physiology (Winter 2012)
* COM 150: Mobile-Social Technologies: Tools for Social Change or Weapons of Mass Distraction? (Winter 2012)
* CS 149: Parallel Computing (Winter 2012)
* CS254: Computational Complexity (Spring 2012)
* CS258: Introduction to Programming Language Theory (Winter 2012)
* CSE 440: Introductory Human-Computer Interaction: User Interface Design, Prototyping, & Evaluation (Winter 2012)
* Cogsci 10: Cognitive Consequences of Technology (Winter 2012)
* Cogsci 10: Cognitive Consequences of Technology (Fall 2012)
* Cogsci 220: Information Visualization (Winter 2012)
* EDU333A: Understanding Learning Environments (Winter 2012)
* ENGR 105: Feedback Control Design (Winter 2012)\
* ICS121V: Social Media Toolkit (Spring 2012)
* SAT/ACT: SAT / ACt Prep (Fall 2012)

And another link is OpenClassroom:
Full courses in short videos:
* Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction Design
* Web Applications
* Practical Unix
* Design and Analysis of Algorithms
* Introduction to Databases
* Unsupervised Feature Learning and Deep Learning
* Discrete Probability
* Machine Learning
* Algebra One

What do you think are most valuable courses?
Which ones would you recommend to me, or would you want to take yourself?
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