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a 15 y.o. gets life sentence in jail

A 15 y.o. girl murdered a 9 y.o. girl. The 15 one was from troubled family (father drug abuser, mother abandoned her, and she living with grand ma), she had a suicide attempt, and she was treated with anti-depressants (Prozac) with the dosage increased just two weeks before murder.

Now they gave her life sentence in prison, and saying 'it's appropriate charge'.
Criminal legal system is the stupidiest part of the U.S.

First, instead of giving the girl proper medical treatment under proper control (well, maybe on a closed medical facility) for a year or two, and then watching her, they're giving her sentence for *LIFE*.

Second, we, taxpayers, are going to *PAY* for keeping her in jail, with no chance of her ever go back to life and be a productive citizen. Well, they say they can release her on parole after 35 years, but she'll be at least 50 y.o. by then - with no skill, and nothing. And shortly after releasing she'll enjoy social security retirement benefits, which we, taxpayers, provide for her.

It's not correction, it's not punishment, it's *NEGLIGENCE*.

Upd.: I took time to leave a comment under the article. Unforturnately I don't see a way how to link to it from here. Reading other people's comments: most people think the other way - that the sentence was too mild, should've been 1st degree murder with life sentence without a chance of parole. What are they thinking?!?
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