morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Mt Rainier trip

I have very little time to share about my today's trip.

My friend and his wife are visiting me right now and they're the hiking guys. They took me to a "moderate" trail, and during the hike I was thinking how I would never ever go with them again. But I didn't say it, just kept going. Crazy stuff. There are some funny photos of how tired I was, but they are on their camera, I don't have them yet.

Here is one of the best pics but I am already well-rested here:

The second half of the day was foggy and we left earlier. We've been to Tap House grill and tasted a couple of the 160 kinds of beer that they offer, and my friend liked it and told me that I should recommend this place to anyone (he's very serious about beer: he brews beer at home and his beer is good, and he takes high places at local competitions, so his recommendation has a lot of weight for me).

One of the nice moments that I remember is this:

I've spent five minutes just sitting on the bridge and watching the water. It was fun to look at bubbles or water flakes and follow them with eyes as they go down. This way you can see the real speed of the water, and be impressed. My companions couldn't enjoy these things unforturnately, otherwise I could easily spend an hour just sitting there and looking at the water...

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