morfizm (morfizm) wrote,

Steve Pavlina

A few links to Steve Pavlina articles:

1. "Why Some People Are Better Manifesters Than Others"

"...He said he that he felt just about everyone could train to be a decent singer, but the main challenge was that people don’t hear themselves the way other people hear them, so their pitch is off. They hear one pitch in their heads, but what they’re actually singing (and what other people hear) doesn’t align with what they think they’re singing.


The solution is that you need to create a feedback loop, whereby you can observe yourself objectively to get a better sense of what you’re actually putting out. This will help you make adjustments to correct inaccuracies..."

That's exactly what I did when I was recording my karaoke. I recorded my voice and listened to it, comparing with the original song.

2. "Law of Attraction" - explained. Nice article, puts a solid logical frame on top of commonly heard and controversial "law of attraction". Explains how it works, why it works and where it works.

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