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A review of the gift set of Knuth:

"Since reviews of the book content can be found elsewhere, I thought I'd review the actual collection that I bought - these four books and the box that they came in.

They are beautiful, the off-white coloured dust jackets make a pleasing change to the other pure white books that I have on my desk, and the box sets the set apart from everything else.

Also, since purchasing this set, the following things have happened.

1) My IQ increased by 1 point as soon as I placed the box on my bookshelf
2) The Women in my IT department increased their rating of me by 1.5. Apparently I'm now an 8 (9 if I take my glasses off) my colleagues report that this is a 0.5 increase in rating over a non-boxed collection of these books.
3) I have found that taking one book out, opening to a random page and inhaling deeply, when combined with a double-shot coffee, will ensure good spirits and coding karma for at least the next 4 hours.

My only complaint about this set is the fact that they are fairly snugly fit in the box. this requires actually tipping the box forward to select a book, you cannot fit your finger over the top of any one book to pull it out. The exaggerated action of doing this, however invokes jealous looks and dreamy eyes from my male and female/gay colleagues respectively so is worth it.

in short: buy this set!"
Tags: fun, in english, man-woman, software development

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