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Project 10^100 - голосование

Я предполагаю, что этот e-mail получили только те, кто отправлял свою идею, так что многие могут не знать о том, что наступило время для голосования. Голосовать можно вот здесь. Для (<=) 5 выгравших идей Гугль выделит $10M и будет пытаться воплощать. Я проголосовал за "Create real-world issue reporting system" =)

From: Project 10^100 []
Sent: Friday, September 25, 2009 4:56 PM
To: *******
Subject: Project 10^100: Reminder to vote

Hello everyone,
It's time to vote!

Last year, Project 10^100 invited the world to submit ideas to help as many people as possible. We received over 154,000 submissions, which we narrowed down to our favorites.

Now, you're invited to view the ideas and vote for the ones you think will help the most people.

Our advisory board will use your votes to identify the best ideas for further consideration, and we've committed $10 million to make up to 5 of them a reality.

Hurry, voting ends October 8, 2009.

Thanks for your help. Please vote! And may those who help the most win.

- The Project 10^100 Team

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